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We believe that good communication should be clear and creative. That’s why we avoid making things unnecessarily complicated. You won’t find any blown-up brand models at VISIONEO, nor will you stumble across cluttered designs or boring B2B jargon. What you will find is content and ideas to get your organization ahead.

We carry on searching until we come up with a solution that sticks. One that’s carefully thought out and boldly translated into action. With strategy and design as our core competencies, we’re excellently placed to succeed. Feel free to see us as a sparring partner for effective brand communication that’s simple and to the point.


No plan at all is not an option for us. We don’t get going on the implementation until the strategy is spot on. To us, design isn’t simply about giving something a pretty face; it’s the systematic interaction of form, content and function. That’s why it’s not unusual for us to spend considerable time putting our heads together with you, our clients. Yet when you see the results, you understand why.

When it comes to communication, we’re great all-rounders. We add momentum, advise you and manage your processes. We supply ideas and develop content to increase your organization’s relevance and visibility. As our client, you particularly benefit from our expertise in the field of digital design. Have we succeeded in convincing you? Contact us today to make an appointment!

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Renées Café


Some people start off in a garage. Our story began at Renée’s Café. The idea for VISIONEO first saw the light of day in south-east Canada, somewhere between Toronto and the Algonquin Provincial Park. Over two decades ago, a vision was born of an agile, full-service agency for marketing and corporate design. More than 20 years on, we still approach each new challenge with a mixture of boldness, curiosity and inventiveness – driven by the spirit of that fishing trip in the late nineties!

In both cases, we made a very good catch. And we’re just as proud of our agency today as we are of the fish we hooked back then.

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