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Strategy is a systematic approach to achieving a defined goal. Our services help you achieve your communication goals as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. We begin by subjecting your organization to a close scrutiny along with your products, market, competitors and target groups. Our analysis forms a good starting point for us to position your company and plan the next steps. We assess precisely what your brand stands for and how that can be communicated successfully. We identify key statements and media and determine the essence of your communication strategy.

Strategy services
・ Market and competition analysis
・ Target group analysis
・ Brand and product names
・ Brand claims
・ Brand architecture
・ Communication strategy
・ Communication planning



Your corporate design puts a face to your communications. We’ll help you make it as interesting, as attractive and as individual as possible. From the logo to all print communications, we give you a visual identity that looks good and works superbly – because it doesn’t simply grab attention and create recognition but also has enough substance to make a lasting impression. In addition to the actual design, we also develop the tonality and content of your communications – in short, your brand’s entire DNA.

Corporate design services
・ Trademarks, logo design
・ Stationery
・ CD manuals
・ Brochures, reports
・ Presentations
・ Wording, concept, text


In today’s world, the best way to get your brand ahead tends to be with digital marketing. The great advantage here is that mobile and online communication is generally more targeted and also cheaper than traditional advertising. The drawback is that everyone else thinks that way too. That’s why, when it comes to digital design, a consistent emphasis on usefulness and relevance is vital. Our services comprise the complete development cycle of digital applications – from the concept through content to monitoring. You profit from a convincing, well thought-out solution that can be flexibly adapted where necessary and includes everything from the website to a blog.

Digital design services
・ Web design
・ Mobile and online communication
・ Content marketing
・ Inbound marketing
・ Newsletters
・ Corporate blogs



A three-dimensional touchpoint is one of the most effective communication instruments of all. Nowhere else do you have such excellent opportunities to showcase your brand and get direct feedback. Particularly in B2B communication, technical products can be presented in a more vivid and more emotional way than is possible on a screen or on paper. As an agency with many years of expertise in trade show design, we look forward to helping you create a strong, sustainable identity in multiple dimensions – whether as a trade fair booth, a showroom or a concept for an exhibition.<br><br>

Three-dimensional design services
・ Trade show design
・ Exhibition design
・ Wayfinding
・ Showrooms
・ Event communication

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