VISIONEO is your advertising agency on Lake Constance. Or should we say your agency for strategy and design? After all, we don’t just take care of your advertising and communications. We also attend to every aspect of communication design – from corporate design through store and trade show design to digital design. If you look at it that way, we’re also your online agency on Lake Constance. In a nutshell, we’re your expert provider of concept and design services for print and online communication.

Our services encompass logo and brand development as well as traditional corporate communications such as brochures or advertising. We design your trade fair booth, store or showroom on your behalf. And of course we also create digital applications – from websites to blogs – including the entire content development. The emphasis is on B2B communication, although we don’t regard ourselves as a purely B2B agency. We also have a number of B2C clients in our portfolio who know and appreciate the value of bold, distinctive communication. In the end, what’s actually inside the box is more important than the label on the outside.

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