medmix ZerofloX launch - key visual


In the dental micro-applicator segment, medmix is providing a real innovation boost with its ZerofloX, a new standard micro-applicator without flocking. The ZerofloX is made from a single cast and, unlike conventional applicators, does not lose any fibers during dental treatment.

To capture the essence of this unique feature, we’ve distilled it into a catchy claim that everyone can understand: “ZERO IS HERO”. With a striking typographic design, this slogan now graces all our communication materials for the global launch. From the landing page and product flyer to posters, trade fair stands and packaging, every element brings excitement to the campaign.

We’ve also created a series of captivating posts on LinkedIn to accompany the launch. The result? A product campaign that leaves ZERO room for boredom.


medmix ZerofloX launch - product brochure
medmix ZerofloX launch - landingpage
medmix ZerofloX launch - social media posts
medmix ZerofloX launch - posters
medmix ZerofloX launch - exhibition design

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