SycoTec employer branding - advertising and newsletter template


SycoTec, our high-tech customer, shares concerns with many others in finding qualified employees. The rural location in Leutkirch faces competition from enticing cities like Stuttgart and Munich. Creating a compelling employer brand to attract talent has become a priority.

To identify SycoTec’s unique selling points as an employer, we conducted an internal survey. The employees identified a positive work environment and high quality of life as major advantages.

To visually highlight the location’s exceptional work-life balance, we combined technical and personal elements. The campaign is built around different pairs of terms, allowing for flexible adaptation to various target audiences. The motif now prominently adorns the new job advertisements and internal newsletter.

With a fresh design, incorporating a new colour scheme and design language, we present our client in the best possible light to potential applicants. This approach significantly enhances the appeal of the Leutkirch site.


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